Drawing Lessons Intro

Welcome to the Intro section dedicated to drawing lessons.

From now here on my site I will be your drawing teacher and in the following video lessons I will aim to teach you from the beginner level how to draw until you can create your own works that will look as artistic as possible.

Anyone can learn how to draw - all you need is the right course or teacher! Learning how to draw is one of those skills that people often assume they either have or they haven't. If you enjoy drawing when you were a kid because you struggled to draw anything beyond stick figures, then you might assume that you simply weren't born with artistic genes or natural talent. If that describes how you feel, you love our video lessons because it blows that myth out of the water!

My lessons use a gradual, step-by-step approach to take anyone (including total beginners! ) Through the basics of drawing, and onwards to advanced topics like linear perspective and the figure.

What you'll learn

-Draw objects out of your head

-Draw realistic light and shadow

-Understand the fundamentals of art

-Draw perspective drawings

-Draw the human face and figure

What you need for the Drawing Video Lessons



- Charcoal


-Motivation to learn!

First Video Lesson will be uploaded on  10.01.2021 !!!

All video lessons are free !