Hi! I'm Matei and I am a freelance artist established in Austria, Linz.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to draw. Time just melts away when my pencil hits the paper. In 4th grade, I would be the kid to come to if you wanted to draw anything for a school project. As a young boy I used to spend many hours drawing from my imagination or reproducing different scenes.
I remember when I was in a school camp, my classmates wanted me to draw the characters from their favorite cartoons or games.
Perhaps this laid the foundation for my future work. By high-school I had discovered my true love - Art.


About 5 years ago, one of my best friends asked me what I would do with the rest of my life if I could do anything. My answer came instantly - I would create art. But then I realized it was more than that, I loved seeing how moved people were by the artworks that I did and I also wanted to contribute with something in this world.


I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally, a number of years and lots of encouragement, from my wife and family, friends and even some of my clients, later; I quit my job in the private military industry and become a freelance artist.

"Sometimes I like to make artworks that are complex and full of spiritual symbolism, having their roots in the esoteric knowledge and
sometimes I create portraits of actors, singers or private people on commission demand. Movie illustrations are also part of my work.

My favorite drawing and illustration technique remains the one that I make in pen and ink, with color added by watercolors.

I create and give life to unique and original art by putting in each of this piece my energy and a part of my soul.
All the art creations are alive and are waiting to find the right person with who to resonate.

Today we live in the age of digital art all made by using electronical devices , but the charm of a handmade art creation remains so powerful that cannot be replaced.

I consider that each piece of art that I create is a treasure not only because they are unique and without copy but also because I give live to them.
There are so many mass produced items out there that it often feels that the world has lost the respect for the small, independent merchant. It is so easy to go to one of those mega stores and get everything you want in one stop. I am thinking that it’s better to take some time and create something with my hands and my imagination, putting my soul in this art works.